Richmond Digital

The Richmond Digital content, resources and tools have been designed to suit the needs of teachers and students in the online education scenario.

Presentation tools and components allow teachers to carry out instruction effectively and lively during synchronic sessions with students.

Students have access to a wide variety of content and practice activities to continue their learning and to practice what they´ve learned independently and autonomously.

Students are given immediate feedback on their work and progress, enabling them to trace their own learning paths.

Teachers have permanent access to student scores and production, allowing them monitor progress closely and to personalize instruction when necessary.

Assessment is made easy through an automated test manager and a unique reporting feature.

For Students

Benefits for the Student

Self-Directed Learning

Learning materials available to students allow them work at their own pace. Instant feedback allows them to design and follow their own learning paths.

Learner Autonomy

Students take significant responsibility for their own learning and have many opportunities to assume control of some of the decisions surrounding the process.

21st Century Skills Development

Students will develop thinking skills, research skills, self-management skills, social skills, problem solving skills and communication skills along with language skills.

For Teachers

Benefits for the Teacher

Personalized Instruction

Teachers have access to content, resources and information to respond to individual student characteristics and needs, and to develop flexible instructional practices.

Diverse Teaching Experiences

The content and resources available allow teachers to design varied types of lessons and implement a wide range of teaching tools and strategies.

Easier Access and Sharing of Information

Teachers have the possibility of giving students access to external, authentic content, and have a variety of tools at hand to share resources and information with their students.

Digital Tools

  • Teacher's i-Solutions

    You’ll be ready to plan your lessons with this fully interactive version of all teaching and learning materials for IWB use. Easy access to all teaching and learning materials.

  • e-Student's Book

    The Compass Platform, designed for students, teachers and parents, is a unique, user-friendly part of the Compass program.

  • e-Workbook

    Get more with myON! Give every child 24/7 access to authentic books and daily news at school, at home, and even on the go.

Learning Platforms

  • Compass Learning Platform

    The Compass Learning Platform, designed for students, teachers and families, is a unique, user-friendly part of the COMPASS program.

  • Richmond Learning Platform

    With the Richmond Learning Platform and its features, students and teachers have a variety of tools available to make practice fun and relevant.

  • WeMaths

    Aa learning experience, through stories, emotionally connects students with math, using a different methodology and personalized collaborating with teachers to help students understand and get better demonstrable results.


  • 3D Pictionary

    3D Pictionary App is an interactive, beautifully animated dictionary containing the most commonly used vocabulary in preschool.

  • Crickets

    Crickets Nursery and Crickets Level 1 feature an App for children to improve their fine motor skills.

  • Droplets 1

    Droplets 1 fosters children’s psychomotor development as well as their reading and listening skills.

  • Droplets 2

    Droplets 2 fosters children’s psychomotor development as well as their reading and listening skills.

  • Droplets 3

    Droplets 3 fosters children’s psychomotor development as well as their reading and listening skills.

  • Tippy Toes

    It fosters children's psychomotor development as well as their listening and reading skills.

  • Letters and Sounds

    Letters and Sounds is an enjoyable App designed to help children learn to recognize letters and how they sound.


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