Founded in 1992, we are an English Language Teaching publisher with
publishing centers and companies around the world. We are part of the
Santillana Publishing Group which is in turn owned by Prisa, the world’s
leading Spanish and Portuguese-language business group in the fields of
education, information and entertainment.
In Mexico, Richmond is committed to the development of high quality materials
that provide solutions for both educators and learners, meeting their current needs
and anticipating their future ones. As a result, our content incorporates current language
learning methodologies and relevant contexts in user-friendly formats.
Our catalog has a wide range of print and online resources for very young learners, children,
teenagers and adults to ensure everybody can find something that will make them reach their
language learning goals.
As an additional benefit, Richmond’s local team of education specialists closely monitor the
ever-changing challenges and opportunities that are encountered along the language learning journey. Continual teacher development and training form the foundation of our service to your teaching staff and institution.